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Eclipse Web Tools Platformの手動インストール

職場のプロキシ + IWSS環境下では正常にプラグインがインストールできない。 また、STSWTPプラグインをどうしても入れたいので手動インストールの道を探ってみる。 ひとまず下記サイトより参考になりそうな箇所を引用した。

Manual installation (only recommended for adopters and WTP contributors):

The Web Tools Platform has several required projects that must all be installed for proper operation. Each WTP build is built and tested with specific versions of these prerequisites (see the Requirements and Handy Extras section on each specific build’s download page) and it is recommended that only those versions be installed and active when used with a particular WTP build. The WTP download page for each build details the complete list of requirements and provides links to download the corresponding versions. Downloading and unpacking each should place its contents into a folder named eclipse.

  • Unpack the Eclipse SDK into a clean directory

  • Unpack the Graphical Editor Framework (GEF) into the same location

  • Unpack the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) / XML Schema Infoset Model (XSD) into the same location

  • Unpack the Data Tools Platform (DTP) into the same location

  • Unpack EMF Transaction into the same location

  • Unpack EMF Validation into the same location

  • Unpack Graphiti into the same location

  • Unpack the Web Tools Platform build into the same location

WTP should now be installed. Launch Eclipse with the -clean option one time to ensure all plug-ins are detected properly and that P2 records a new configuration.